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One thing that I preach in my program regularly is to keep it simple. We all have enough complications that come our way, and we don’t want our businesses to be one of them!

The most important tasks to focus on to grow your business

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to grow your business, it's important to be organized

Top 3 Tasks to Grow Your Business in 2017


I hear from students that they don’t have time to commit to work right now. I get it; life is busy!  But, baring an illness or death in the family, you may still have the same excuse next month or next year.
It really is a choice! I’m not trying to sound insensitive, but I’ve had to keep the flag raised during many a storm in life and didn’t falter. Was it hard? Absolutely!  But I knew that I needed to do something for myself to get closer to where I wanted my life to be.

Even in the busiest times, you have to keep your eye on the goal.

Your kids and family will always need things from you.  You’ll still have laundry, cooking, and cleaning to do. But when you want something, keep at it.
Sometimes I’m hard on myself. I feel sorry for myself or feel like I haven’t achieved all that I wanted to.  But then I shake it off and get back to work!
It’s a good habit to look back on all that you’ve achieved rather than always looking forward to what you want to achieve. Give yourself a pat on the back sometimes! I’m sure you could write a pretty good “To Done” list to go alongside your “To Do” list. Try it sometime!

to grow your business, you sometimes have to ask for help


This one is probably even tougher for you!  There could be a million reasons why you don’t ask for help. Maybe it’s your budget, your pride, or that you don’t really know who to ask!
There really is help all around you and sometimes, accepting help is the best way to grow your business.

Look at someone who’s doing it a little better than you and ask them how they do it!

Maybe get a mentor, a trainer, or a done-for-you program. Don’t try to do everything from scratch!  Get with like-minded people, accountability partners, and/or take a course that lays out a roadmap (hint, think Academy).  Set blocks of time for your work/goals. This helps set boundaries.

Repeat after me: “I can’t help or do that right now”

Whatever your goal is, set work hours, gym hours, healthy menus; let people know ahead of time if possible and then stick with it!  Guilt will not get you any glory, and will certainly not help you grow your business.

Repeat after me: “I will be working from this time to that time; please do not disturb me unless the house is on fire.”

Your life is not meant to be one long fire drill, rushing from one need to another. Let someone else help you with the smoking embers; or sometimes you have to just let them burn themselves out! It can’t be all you when you’re trying to achieve something.
“No great person ever made history without having guilt thrown at them or suffering some backlash from those who didn’t like or appreciate their independence, discipline, or single-mindedness.” ~Brendon Burchard


Having a clear call to action and making good use of your time is imperative. Just because you have the ability to post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. doesn’t mean that’s where you should be spending all of your time in order to grow your business.
You must have a strategy. You must have something clear and concise for people to sign up for. Usually done-for-you’s work because there are parameters. A beginning, a middle and an end = a solution.
You can learn more nutrition info, cooking tips, recipes, and social media tips, but unless it’s laid out in an orderly fashion, you will struggle. Sorry this is reality, said with love.
I am a huge fan of reading and learning, but sometimes we don’t need to learn more; we need to listen to our inner voice and then use a system to get the message out. If all your time is used learning and no time is used marketing, you’ll be eating wooden nickels.
May your hearts and homes be filled with joy and laughter. Wishing you many blessings.

Sherri Mraz

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