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In case you do not know me, I am Sherri Mraz, owner and founder of the Cookin’ Yogi, located in Palm Beach County,  and the President and Founder of the  Wellness Cooking Academy, a virtual training school.  I am a health coach, author, mentor and have been teaching cooking classes since 2008.  I was even lucky enough to win a Best Plate Award in 2013 at the Flavors of Wellington, held at the Palm Beach Equestrian Center.

I have been a mentor for both clients and coaches since 2009. I am happy to say that I have helped hundreds of coaches improve their businesses and gain confidence by tapping into their God given skills and talents.

I took a little detour a few times, one of which landed me for about a year working at Whole Foods Market teaching their cooking classes and running their events. I loved the work but didn’t love working for someone else. I am an entrepreneur and creative person, it is very hard for me to fit in the box or be on the clock. I work hard and enjoy every minute of it. My goal is for you to enjoy your work as much as I do!

Early on I had established success in the healthy cooking education field but learned how difficult it can be to build a business and make enough money.  It seemed like I was always struggling with either building my client list, keeping my costs down, creating recipes, creating programs.  You name it… create, create, create… as if that was the answer.  Believe me – it is not.  You need SYSTEMS, to be working and staying focused.  I am happy to say that my mistakes were huge lessons and I have figured out how to work smarter not harder and I want to share that with you.


Featured Speakers

Our amazing guest instructors help shape the vision, and growth of the Wellness Cooking Academy course. These chefs, health coaches, authors, marketing experts, attorney and leading nutrition authorities ensure that the WCA offers the most well rounded advanced business education for health coaches and wellness advocates to grow a lucrative and fun business based on healthy food education.

Lisa Kelly,  Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc., has been cultivating healthy changes within workplaces and with personal clients for over 20 years. Through her  global“Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs,” (www.kellywc.comLisa’s mission is to create an innovative and collaborative landscape for Workplace Wellness that fosters employee-driven, results-oriented wellness solutions benefiting employers, employees, and communities at large.

Lisa Kelly

Founder, Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.

“The Wellness Cooking Academy is an incredible opportunity for coaches that are looking to create a sustainable business that perfectly fits into their health coaching work.  This is such a powerful way to get in front of potential clients on an ongoing basis while giving them massive value they can apply into their daily lives.  And to have this all created for you by an expert in the field — priceless!

“I’m Jamie Jones & I create solutions for Health & Wellness Coaches who want to have programs and offerings they can be proud to show off, understand how the heck to run this business and finally do the work that lights them up.”

Jamie Jones

Health Coach and Designer, Budding Health Coaches

“I am honored to be part of the expert panel of The Wellness Cooking Academy, which is uniquely comprehensive in offering all of the many diverse components needed to get a health coach business up and running quickly and successfully.”

Dorothy Holtermann is the Founder of Birth a Book Coach, an expert public speaker and a best selling author of Love Food that Loves You Back. Dorothy’s decades of experience in writing in law, business, and most recently self health care brings many expert skills to her unique business of teaching book writing and self publishing. 

Dorothy Holtermann

Author, Speaker and Founder of "Birth a Book Coach" , Birth a Book Coach

Wellness Cooking Academy is an amazing program that gives you everything you need (and more!) to not only present dynamic cooking classes, but also how to do them efficiently and cost effectively. Sherri is a seasoned professional who shares all her wisdom so you can succeed. This course is a great value and I highly recommend it.

Alethea Copelas

Owner of Inspired Kitchen and author of Inspired Plate, Inspired Kitchen

I have been a professional chef for over 30 years. I specialize in teaching culinary to new, up and coming chefs.  Nutrition and diets are areas I find fascinating. You have to take care of the inside as much as you need to care for the outside.

Pamela Roberts

Chef from PBS Network's Charlotte Cooks, Health Coach, Author and Speaker, Chef Pamela, Food Health and Hydration

Lisa Fraley, JD, is an Attorney and Legal Coach® who helps entrepreneurs stop being legally naked so they can protect themselves, their businesses, and their brands.  As a Holistic Lawyer®, she combines her 20 years of legal knowledge with her unique spiritual bent by aligning 7 key legal steps with the 7 chakras to help entrepreneurs get legally covered – with a lot of Legal Love™.

Lisa Fraley, JD

Health Coach and Attorney

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