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Learn the Secret to Teaching Healthy Cooking Classes for CORPORATE WELLNESS Lunch & Learns to GROW your client list

This Free Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learns Cooking Workshop Will Show You:

During this FREE Webinar I will share with you 

  • The simple technique to discover your target market
  • The necessary step to increase your program sign-ups
  • Easiest way to get repeat business
  • The number one thing you MUST have in every class
  • How to submit contracts and proposals 

Why are Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learns Good?

As you are probably aware health costs continue to rise. Employers are sometimes forced to shift the expense onto their employees by reducing their benefits and going with higher deductibles.

In order to combat these rising costs, more and more companies are adding in wellness programs. Some of them have been successful and some have not.

As a health coach, you can provide organizations with Lunch & Learn workshops and group wellness programs that help improve their food choices, creating more energy, better productivity and a general increase in their overall health.

Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learns are:

1. The PERFECT way to expand your business!

2. Get in front of large groups of people…

Let’s create your strategy together! 

PLUS, I will reveal the TIPS and SECRETS it took me YEARS to Perfect


Most importantly…

How to CHARGE and Make MONEY doing something that you LOVE!

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: 

We’re Going To Show You…
  • Would you like to expand your career and income opportunities in the growing field of Workplace Wellness coordination, coaching, and consulting?
  • Are you ready to transform lives by cultivating healthy, vibrant, higher-performing workplaces?
  • Are you interested in reaching new career heights through purpose-driven work?
  • Find out how to join the inner circle of Ambassadors

If you’ve ever thought about attending a live event to grow your business, then now is the time! 


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