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“A wonderful influence”

Sherri is such a wonderful influence on people’s lives. She takes a  holistic approach to addressing the cause of a person’s nutrition problems. People do not need to learn that vegetables are good for them, they need help in changing their relationship with food, and Sherri does that beautifully.

I’ve been through her program and I’ve had some of my own patients go through her program. Each day, she helps you learn something new about yourself and how that is affecting your eating patterns and nutrition. After a few weeks, you not only feel better, but you look forward to creating meals that are not just nutritious, but also taste great too.

You won’t see dogma with her system either. She doesn’t subscribe to paleo, veganism, or any one particular type of diet. She helps you identify where you are in your relationship with different foods, and gives you useful strategies to make the game of lifestyle change winnable. Too many people fail because they remove too much from their diet too soon, and they stick to their guns because a guru told them it was right. Sherri acknowledges that we are all individuals, and that what works for you needs a customized approach to eating.

Dr. Jon Chung, DC

Keystone Chiropractic

The Wellness Cooking Academy certification course was just what I needed to help expand my Health Coaching Business working with individuals, and help me to add excitement to my Corporate Wellness Classes. The modules are very well organized, and all of the done for you handouts are easily organized in dropbox. Sherri is wonderful, and provides lots of coaching not only to help you develop your cooking skills, but also on how to grow your business. The best part about her program is that you become a lifetime member of the academy, so if you need inspiration or a refresher down the road you can always join in. I would highly recommend the Wellness Cooking Academy to anyone looking to grow their business, and add cooking classes in.

Suzy Harmon

Suzy Harmon

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Owner, Harmonious Health

I had my first cooking class last week. It was very fun and I will do another one again soon! I don’t think I would have done this without the support of Sherri and the cooking academy. The videos have been super helpful as well as all the material Sherri provides. I kept things really simple because I did not want technology or anything else to stop me or delay me from doing my first cooking class. I did my training in October of 2016 but I did not take action last year. It is great that we have lifetime access to the training. Never is too late and though I still have many things to improve everything worked out at the end. Thank you Sherri!

Iduma Ortega

Iduma Ortega

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

The Wellness Cooking Academy is a terrific tool to add to your Health Coaching Business.  This is much more than learning about cooking classes!  Sherri is a delightful, insightful teacher who shares many practical tips and tricks, not only for cooking classes, but for your Health Coaching Business as a whole.  Her guest teachers will help you move your business forward.  This course gave me the tools to align my focus on where to take my business and start creating more opportunities to get in front of the right people.

Jennifer Marcks

Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, Gluten Free MARCKS The Spot LLC

The minute I saw the Cooking Wellness Academy I knew I had to enroll.  I had been struggling to find ways to scale my business in a way that incorporated healthy cooking workshops. Even though I’m a good home cook, and my mom is a gourmet chef, I lacked the confidence that I could do this myself!

I have taken quite a bit of Sherri’s sage advice by feeling my fear about all of this and doing it anyway!
I truly believe this program will change me in many ways (already has) because I will be able to leverage my passion and skills and parlay that into helping even more people.  Helping people succeed and live a healthy life gives me the utmost pleasure and satisfaction in my life and is what I was meant to do on this earth.  This program creates another rung on that ladder for me which I am grateful for!
Jenny Berk


Before attending The Wellness Cooking Academy I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things that I still needed to accomplish after graduated from my nutrition school. Sherri helped me streamline my path to success and overcome the struggles I was facing. She guided me with done for you programs to get me in front of clients right away, helped me find my target audience, and answered any questions I had. Sherri’s course was the missing piece of the puzzle. This is exactly what you need when you feel like you don’t know how to just get started!

  Tracey Heyboer

Certified Holistic Health Coach

“I found the Wellness Cooking Academy on Facebook, and I’m so grateful I did!. This course was a missing link for me. I have a background in food and was looking to incorporate it into my health and wellness workshops. Sherri is a pro at it! Not only does she share how to put on a great cooking workshop that yields results with attendees, Sherri has guest speakers for different topics in health coaching throughout the course adding to the valuable information she offers. I also love all the resources shared in the Wellness Cooking Academy. This course sets you up for success!”
Debra Negrin


I graduated from IIN in 2012 and felt that I was unable to really pin point where to put my energy. Hearing about the Wellness Cooking Academy wholeheartedly resonated with my beliefs and my journey in guiding people to a healthier lifestyle. Sherri’s ‘”road-map” narrowed down exactly how and where I knew I needed to go. I am completely re energized and have a new zest for the reinvention of how I am working with clients. Teaching cooking classes is something I have always wanted to dabble in, with the guidance from Sherri and the amazing team of guest speakers she has put together, I now have confidence that I can totally do this! THANK YOU SHERRI MRAZ!!!
Leah Somers

Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

I have training in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and was looking for a way to incorporate my FDN training with my love for cooking/health advocate.
After researching many programs, a friend introduced me to Wellness Cooking Academy.  It has, by far, surpassed my expectations.
Each module is throughly thought out and each ‘done for you’ kit eliminates the hours of wasted time trying to figure out a plan of action. It allows you to plug in ‘your brand’ and go out with confidence in whichever path you choose.
Sherri is so kind, thoughtful, passionate about coaching and cares about each of as individuals, not only as a group. Wellness Cooking Academy has helped me gain confidence in myself and gave me the tools I needed to succeed.
Melissa Castner

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Www.thenecessaryblend.com

Sherri Mraz, has helped me in many ways: Her success system gave me the ability to focus on my demonstration and move forward from where I was previously stuck.  She gave me excellent sample invitations with appealing graphics and words that build interest and excitement.  I can now book my events and present with confidence. Consuelo Davis

The Cooking Aesthetician

I graduated from IIN in March of 2016 ready to conquer the world of unhealthy eaters through health coaching. Quickly, during my coaching sessions, I discovered that all my clients really wanted to know was what they should be eating?  We would discuss recipes and meal plans but I felt like I was missing something.  Sherri Mraz and the Wellness Cooking Academy became my missing link.  Now that I can show my clients how to make simple, healthy meals within their budget, I am confidently offering the total package of good health.  My clients are so happy, they keep sending me to their friends! Thank You, Sherri and your amazing team! Wendy Moriarty

Health Coach and Food Educator

Sherri helped me by offering her “done for you” cooking class kit with detailed coaches instructions from start to finish. The ready to use templates are attractive and professional looking. I would recommend Sherri’s programs to anyone interested in teaching cooking classes as their main business focus or as a fun and educational component to a health coaching practice. Clients and coaches can’t help but connect with each other and have a great time!

Nancy Petrucka, C.H.H.C.

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Wellness Cooking Academy is an amazing program that gives you everything you need (and more!) to not only present dynamic cooking classes, but also how to do them efficiently and cost effectively. Sherri is a seasoned professional who shares all her wisdom so you can succeed. This course is a great value and I highly recommend it. Alethea Copelas

Owner of Inspired Kitchen and author of Inspired Plate, Inspired Kitchen

This past year I graduated from a renowned health coaching program that left me inspired, excited, and knowledgeable, but also unprepared for my new career. I was filled with anxiety on where to begin and feared if I have what it takes. Thankfully, I found just what I needed in the Wellness Cooking Academy.  I was I spoon-fed every step of the way, leaving me feeling confident and fully prepared for the next steps to creating programs that will make a difference in the world and also make money. I have everything I need from step-by-step instructions on hosting successful cooking classes to flyers, pamphlets, recipe book templates, and handouts already done for me!  It is literally all at my fingertips. The support and brainstorming ideas that come from Sherri, the amazing dynamic group of guest speakers, and all my fellow classmates was invaluable. I will graduate from WCA feeling confident, prepared, and ready to rock my business! So very thankful. Naomi B.

Cypress, Texas

Sherri’s class and teaching style is SO ORGANIZED and helpful!! Because I work full time I haven’t had time for my nutrition and wellness business. Until now my lack of resources and tools have been my biggest weakness. This program has given me the tools and confidence to start taking the time that I do have to spend on my business and be more productive in order to start creating an income with my passion and get my way our of the rat race of corporate! Nicole Manion

You did such a great job with both substantial and in-depth knowledge of the health business and I appreciate how you opened up about your experiences and mistakes with starting the health coach business. The step by step business plans and the Facebook group you set up, which was good for those of us just starting out or even for those that have experience. The other participants were amazing and I learned a lot from their experience and insights. I found the course very useful, thank you for setting us up for success with the modules. I highly recommend!

Kitline (Lynn) Coicou

I saw a huge need for helping clients and family want to be in the kitchen by making food simple and fun with the right healthy ingredients. Sherri’s ideas and the recourses in the WCA are a great boost and important step for me to make the change doable and desirable for my coaching clients and I love it! June Nies, CHHC, AADP

My passion has always been cooking and learning to prepare Healthy Food. I had attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2015, but found myself struggling after graduation. Trying to figure out exactly which direction to take my career was overwhelming. My passion has always been cooking and learning to prepare Healthy Food. I had attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2015, but found myself struggling after graduation. I met Sherri and was very impressed with her coaching. I was among the fortunate ones to be in the Pilot Program for the Wellness Cooking Academy. Now, I am in the process of setting up my classes and web site with much more confidence and knowing I have a Support system in place. I did not have to do all the research on how to setup cooking classes and everything that goes with running a successful class. It was all done for me on templates. Sherri gave us an actual road map! Kudos to Sherri for such a brilliant idea.

Lyra Petrie

Brooklyn, New York

When I heard Sherri was offering a 12-week certification program for coaches and laypeople to teach done-for-you cooking classes, I was excited! Having certified instructors to teach families how to prepare nutritious, fast & easy meals for today’s lifestyle is genius! As a wife and mom who has always yearned for a personal chef, I would be ecstatic for a certified instructor’s cooking class! As Sherri says, “You don’t need a chef…you need a plan!”  Sherri is an author, coach and seasoned professional in the field of nutrition and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to offer this program. Mindy J. Kaleta

Certified Professional Coach and Author, Mindy J. KaletaBOOKS.by.Your Design Publishing Services

“Her advice and suggestions were solid…”

I was totally amazed at how you directed me with a few questions in basically no time towards my perfect market positioning.  I had some options prepared beforehand but you led with your precise questions in a direction in which I had never thought of before and opened up a whole new perspective for me.  The result was a perfect fitting positioning with which I identify myself 100%.  Furthermore, with your attentive listining you identified and highlighted some statements from me as key statements which serve as excellent slogans.  I’m so thankfull for your high-end support. You are an amazing coach!

Practice of Stress relief, Self-fulfilment & Joy of Life, Stuttgart, Germany, More Time For Yourself

Bernd Bissinger

Practice of Stress relief, Self-fulfilment & Joy of Life, Stuttgart, Germany, More Time For Yourself

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