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Running your own business is no easy feat. It doesn’t matter if you have a physical business, or if your company is based online, or both. When you work for yourself, every single task that must be executed on a daily basis for every aspect of the operation you’re running falls on you.

Many business owners who are just starting out or have only been in operation for a few years feel the frustration of trying to manage everything as a one-man or one-woman show, or as a micro biz with just a handful of employees.

It’s especially difficult when you don’t have a lot of startup capital to invest in all of the people, systems and processes needed to keep the daily functions running in a seamless way. So you’re doing it alone, hoping to eventually catch up with all of the little things that fall to the wayside while you spend your days and nights putting out emergency work-related fires.

But the catching up part never happens, and this drains your energy. Being chronically strapped for time in your business can cause a once-enthusiastic entrepreneur to become jaded and want to give up.

But you shouldn’t give up!

Nothing replaces the satisfaction of running your own operation and making money doing it on your own terms. Nothing beats being of service to other people while having the freedom and flexibility to make your own decisions and put all of your ideas into motion as a small business owner.

What does all of this mean? Basically, it points to the need for shortcuts in your business.

For anyone who owns a small business or freelance enterprise, and is attempting to go it alone or with a very small staff, shortcuts and practical solutions are key. And one of the biggest time sucks for the small business owner, where shortcuts can be a lifesaver and total game changer, is creating content and programs.

That is why the Wellness Cooking Academy certification course goes far beyond any popular done-for-you programs. It is more like a business-in-a-box that will give you the tools and the backing that you need to jump-start your wellness-related business.

Instead of spending valuable time creating programs and classes from scratch, why not be out there teaching cooking classes or coaching your groups where you can actually be making some money.

Believe me when I say I feel your pain when it comes to creating the business that you have always dreamed of. I love learning but, I believe that right now you need more strategies and support than recipes, although you get those too!

You already have the knowledge and passion that you need. What is missing is a system with tools and an incredible team of “insiders” to get you making money.

You can find out all the details over on the certification page. If you’re not ready to go all in yet, you can also purchase single classes on the additional resources page.

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