Reignite Your Passion: How Revisiting Old Notes Can Unlock Creativity - Wellness Cooking Academy

Have you ever gone through your old journals, notes, or recordings and learned something new from your past self? It happens more often than you might think! We tend to create so much content through journaling, brainstorming, and documenting ideas, only to forget about it and move on to the next project. But those old musings could hold the key to unlocking your hidden creativity and kickstarting your next big idea.

I recently revisited some videos I made back in 2016 when first starting the Wellness Cooking Academy. Despite changes in scenery and my appearance, the core messages resonated as much today as they did then. It was both humbling and insightful to receive wisdom from my younger self.

The truth is, those of us drawn to help others and make a positive difference tend to attract fellow creative, idea-generating personalities. We’re overflowing with so much inspiration that we struggle to organize and follow through on concepts before moving to the next. There’s no such thing as too many ideas – you just need the right system to organize them!

An analogy that struck me recently compares our journey to assembling a 1,000-piece puzzle without the picture. Of course it seems overwhelming and scattered…until you see the final image that brings all the pieces together. That’s why having a roadmap or action plan is so crucial for creative dreamers. It provides the structure to unite our visions into an achievable reality.

One important phrase I keep circling back to is “rinse and repeat.” So many successful philosophies and practices work precisely because they are repeated consistently over time. It’s about building habits, not just taking one-off actions. Repetition is how new perspectives and lifestyle changes solidify.

If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, I encourage you to dig back through your old journals, notebooks, and recorded musings from the past. You’ll be amazed at the nuggets of wisdom and innovative ideas hiding in plain sight from your previous self. Let those moments of prior insight be the spark to reignite your creativity and passion for your current journey.

And as always, surround yourself with like-minded folks also striving to make a difference. Our community has a free live call every Friday where we’ll be discussing roadmaps, rinse and repeat habits, and more to help organize your visions into reality. Feel free to try out a low-cost sample class like our popular Cooking on a Budget program to get a taste of how we operate. The biggest transformations start with tiny inspired actions!

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