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Running a business and creating programs can be tough, but it’s important to include self-love in the process of trying to build your coaching business. Create a relaxing, spa-like environment at home and in your workspace. Buy yourself fresh flowers, a new candle, or freshen up your space. Take time for a bubble bath and romance yourself.

Show some love for your business too as you build your coaching business. Focus on the aspects you enjoy and keep things simple. Plan out your week to create a feeling of accomplishment. Don’t get caught up in the noise – stay true to your mission and why you started this journey in the first place.

Get back to your roots! If you’re trying to build your coaching business, you need exposure. Being visible as a real person and connecting with your audience is invaluable. Grassroots methods like teaching cooking classes allow you to get in front of your people.

Start with the end goal in mind, then work backwards step-by-step. You build momentum as you go – there are no shortcuts. Choose a couple of promotion methods and focus your energy there as you build your coaching business. Coaching is a real job that takes time to build a loyal, responsive following through perseverance, focus and commitment.

Avoid shiny object syndrome – stay the course with your plan:

Foolproof Focus checklist:

☐ Decide what your business will look like (end in mind)
☐ Why you want to coach
☐ Know who you help and how
☐ Follow a business roadmap/plan
☐ Follow each specific step, not trying to skip steps
☐ Have your projects separated, only work on one at a time!
☐ Know what you are charging, stretch and stick with it
☐ Lastly….Get out of your comfort zone!

Don’t underestimate personal connection as you build your coaching business. People crave support in our tech-driven world. When you share your personality and story alongside programs, you become relatable as you build your coaching business.

Teach cooking classes like I did for over 10 years – it works! You position yourself as the expert. You can teach at yoga studios, health food stores, kitchenware stores, corporations, churches, community centers, private homes, doctor’s offices and more.

Are you ready to put the love and fun back into your journey? It’s time to get to work to build your coaching business! Check out the Wellness Cooking Academy.

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