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As a healthy cooking instructor on the move, having the right portable kitchen setup is key. When you’re teaching classes in temporary spaces like community centers, yoga studios, or churches that don’t have full kitchens, you need to be prepared. Here are the essential pieces of equipment and supplies to invest in for running mobile cooking classes with ease:

Mobile Cooktop or Hot Plate

At the heart of your portable kitchen is a sturdy portable burner or induction hot plate. Look for one with adjustable temperature controls that canHandle everything from simmering to high-heat searing. A single burner is space-efficient for travel.

High-Powered Blender

A quality high-speed blender like a Vitamix is a versatile powerhouse for whipping up dressings, dips, smoothies, nut butters and more in live demos. Choose one with a tamper to easily blend thick mixtures.

Prep Essentials

Pack a beveled plastic cutting board, a chef’s knife, vegetable peeler, box grater, and a selection of microplane zesters/graters. Include a small colander or mesh strainers, plus potholders and clean kitchen towels.

Cookware Basics

At minimum, pack one or two versatile pots or pans with lids that are oven-safe if possible. An 8-inch skillet and a 3-quart saucepan are ultraportable workhorses. A baking sheet and oven mitts are also essential.

Cooking Utensils

Equip a utensil kit with basics like a heat-proof silicone spatula, wooden spoons, ladle, whisk, tongs, can opener, measuring cups/spoons, plus any specialty tools your recipes require.

Ingredients & Storage

Use lightweight storage containers or cooler bags to transport and store fresh produce, dried goods, oils and seasonings. An electric hot plate for keeping ingredients warm can also serve many purposes.

Showing Essentials

For beautifully plated presentations, pack a set of simple white dishes or bowls, plating utensils, and linen napkins. A portable induction burner or chafing dish can help keep finished dishes warm.

Don’t Forget the Power

Bring extension cords rated for your equipment wattage and a power strip to ensure access to outlets. A small folding table provides extra prep space.

Cleaning & Safety

Tote a bottle of dish soap, cleaning rags, and paper towels. Bring potholders, food thermometers, and a fire extinguisher per fire codes.

With this streamlined mobile cooking classroom setup, you can whip up delicious recipes virtually anywhere and teach your healthy cooking skills in any temporary space. Just pack it all up in storage containers and coolers for easy transport to each class location!

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