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No need for Fad Diets with a step by step meal planner and recipe guide that is designed to improve your health. I will guide you through five healthy dinners per week, for twelve weeks. I am a holistic health coach, award winning chef, and Mom. I know what families want, healthy but easy. I teach my clients how to cook healthy delicious meals for themselves and their entire families. My approach infuses mind, body and spirit. Now you can use my plan right in your own home.

This book is not only filled with recipes, shopping lists and meal plans, but it also teaches sustainable healthy living. You will find many inspirational tips and will be shown how to use whole foods to create simple easy dinners. You will find many of your comfort recipes, only remade. Healthy eating is about enjoying natural, unprocessed foods that taste good.

After the twelve weeks you will have an arsenal of go to meals, taking the confusion out of dinner.

Your mind, body and spirit will be fed and you may never again have to figure out how to answer the question: “What’s for dinner?”

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What people are saying…

Sherri, I just realized I never told you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this.  As I wrote before, I am one who cooks as little as possible…. This fits so perfectly and is sooo delicious, I’ve made it several times, including enough a couple of times for freezing.

I used 3 T of coconut oil in place of the olive oil and butter and I had light brown sugar in the house so have used that.  YUMMMY!  and, I’ve passed the recipe on several times. I even passed it on to someone in the doctor’s office waiting room after pointing out an article in a magazine there on all the benefits of coconut oil.

Thank you. Thank you.


pg. 32, Acorn Squash & Carrot Soup

Sherri I made your eggplant parm that was in your cookbook! Wow! My family loved it and so did I! it was so easy and the flavor was the best! Thank you!

Ellen Sims-Porco

pg. 82

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