Done-for-You Group Coaching Program for Health Coach Professionals


Teaching Group Classes Just Got a Whole LOT Easier!

Your success as a healthy cooking class instructor is based on the tools you have available. The growth of your business is ALL about the systems and tools!

  • Do you want to make a really big impact with your coaching business but realize that the traditional one-on-one coaching model won’t get you there fast enough?  Or, do you not have enough hours in the day?
  • Did you get into coaching so you can be in control of your time and money but instead of enjoying a sense of freedom you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel like there’s got to be a “better way,” but you’re just not sure what that is?

Great news! There IS a better way… and it’s called Group Coaching.

Our Done-for-You Group Coaching Program contains everything you need to start teaching your own specialized group classes.

Our Signature Program

Group Coaching is a MUST HAVE for anyone teaching healthy cooking and healthy lifestyles.

Done-for-You Coaching Program offers:

  • Customizable 50 page workbook filled with power-packed information.
  • Designed to work with individual or group programs.
  • Track weekly progress towards healthier lifestyles.
  • You will be shown how to run weekly classes live or by teleconference.

Are you ready to build your income, coach more, stress less, and GROW your business?

This kit has everything you need to promote and run a very successful group coaching program.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own!

This is THE perfect class to lead clients into your other coaching programs!

Your Kit, or should I say Recipe for Success, contains:

  • Coaches Outline – week-by-week instructions, talking points and tips.
  • Brandable Workbook – 50 pages including time sheets to help your clients stay organized.
  • Flyers – To use in your newsletter and for hard copy to post in public places.

Outline of Topics

Week One

  • How to Strategically Plan Your Day – Using Worksheets
  • The Basics
  • Exercise and Physical Activity
  • The Act of Self Sabotage
  • Importance of Water
  • Caffeine-related Health Problems

Week Three

  • Regulating the Adrenals
  • Supporting Hormones
  • Eating the Correct Food to Gain Energy
  • Why Eat Organic Food
  • Toxic Ingredients to Watch Out For
  • Pesticide Levels in Produce

Week Five

  • Abundance and Empowerment
  • Preparing Yourself for Life’s Celebrations
  • “The Circle of Life”

Week Two

  • Healthy Portions
  • Healthy Snack Options and Easy Vegetarian Snacks
  • The Importance of Adding Greens to Your Diet
  • The Importance of Adding Whole Grains
  • Healthy Fats
  • The Five Food Categories to Include in Your Diet
  • Healthy Eating and Cooking on a Budget
  • Natural Sweeteners

Week Four

  • Five Ingredients to Avoid
  • Safe Food Storage, Cookware and Household Cleaners
  • The Hidden Dangers in Plastic

Week Six

  • Putting it All Together
  • Eating Habits to Avoid, Healthy Habits to Start
  • Review

Done-For-You Group Coaching Program


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