Done for You Raw Food Cooking Classes for Health Coaches

 Yippee! Time to up the healthy!

Teaching Raw Food Cooking Classes for the Raw Foodie Want-to-Be

Your Success as a Healthy Cooking Class Instructor is Based On The Tools You Have Available.

The growth of your business is ALL about the systems and tools!

Our Done-for-You RAW food Un-cooking Cooking Class Kit contains everything you need to start teaching your own specialized classes.

Our Signature Raw Food Classes

Are a MUST HAVE for anyone teaching



Done-for-You Raw Un-Cooking Class Kit offers:

Three plant-based recipes that are nutritionally loaded and DELICIOUS!

Recipes that have the highest amount of vitamins and minerals available.

Family-tested, go-to recipes that everyone will enjoy.

Are you ready to build your income, coach more,
stress less, and GROW your business?

This kit has everything you need to promote and run a very successful raw food cooking class. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. 

This is THE perfect class to lead clients into your other coaching programs!

Your Kit, Or should I say, Your Recipe for Success, Contains:

  • Coaches Outline, step-by-step instructions, talking points and tips.
  • Sales Page to promote your classes
  • Social Media images
  • Brandable Handouts: 3 Recipes and a Beautiful Benefits Handout.
Sometimes we all need a little help to get things started. That is the beauty of a done-for-you.

These recipes have all been taught and tested and with the help of our design team they are now ready for you to teach. Cooking classes are the quickest way to grow your client list. You will not only dazzle your guests and have them eating out of the palm of your hand, (just kidding plates are better), you will lead them into your other programs and services. 

This is a win win for all! 

Done-For-You Raw Un-cooking Class #1

  • Almond Milk, flavor options for a kick
  • Spiralized Pasta and Marinara, awesome use of zucchini and a blend of delectable savory veggies for your go to sauce
  • Chocolate Custard, avocado pudding so good that it will shock your guests


Done-For-You Raw Un-cooking Class #2

  • Cashew cream, your new go to creamy sauce versatile enough to boost flavor in your recipe repertoire
  • Arugula and Tomato Tart, a raw crust made with a variety of seeds topped with melt in your mouth cashew cream and arugula
  • Papaya Ice Cream, the n’ice cream recipe you can use as a base for all your fruit sorbets

Hurry, For a limited time you can get this class Free! Yup, 2 for the price of 1!


Wait there’s more!

Along with Done-for-You Raw Cooking Class kit you will receive our back office Business Kit (a $67 value) at no extra charge!

Check out the enhanced tools and support that comes in this package:

Business Forms Kit Includes:

  • Master Coaches Checklist –Organizational tracker for guest information, finances and supplies (value $67)
  • Shopping List with Cost Analyzer (value $47)
  • Newsletter Sign-Up Sheet – for guest contact information. (value $37)
  • Survey – for guest feedback (value $37)

Business Kit also Includes:

  • Private Facebook Group for Team Support (invaluable)

Business Kit Value  $188  Free with purchase of Raw Done-for-You class

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