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A 12 Week Plan for your Cooking Class Business

How you lay out your calendar will determine your success. Whether you have read the book “The 12 Week Year” or not you can be assured that you must be thinking ahead.
You don’t have to go as crazy as the department stores and start putting out Christmas decorations on Valentine’s Day but you do have to map out a plan.
When I was the Lifestyle Center Specialist, which is a fancy term for cooking instructor, at Whole Foods Market I always gave my upcoming months plan for classes to the marketing department on the 15th of the preceding month, that is a great habit to get into. For example by March 15th you title and schedule all of your April classes. You will get bonus points for doing May too!
This is an example of what your next 12 weeks (quarter) could look like after you get started with the Wellness Cooking Academy (WCA)…
  • Place an ad in local paper and on Facebook inviting people who want to get in shape for summer or to get ready for that spring wedding, to call, email, or register with link for Spring Cleaning Cooking Class (you will sign them up for your detox/cleanse program) DFY provided  from WCA
  • Attend local health fairs, bridal shows, or other events where you can leave your flyers, or get your own demo booth (we will talk more about this in the course)
  • Hit your goal for clients for the first time ever by converting participants from your detox class into paying clients
  • Schedule Green’s and Cooking on a Budget classes DFY provided. You set your schedule the more classes you teach the more potential clients. Goal of one to eight classes per month.
  • Get creative with Titles, use same material, “Spring Bounty of Vegetable for ________”  or make up mocktails and call your class, “Wine and Dine” you want to title according to your niche.
  • Mother’s Day class to treat yourself to a delicious fresh meal for vibrant health, so easy you will be able recreate on your own in record time.
  • Book kids classes for the summer camps or if that’s not your thing, put the kids in camp and use our corporate Lunch & Learns packages (use proposals provided). 
  • Hold your summer classes and start booking for fall, getting the kids back to school, always think a couple months ahead with you’re planning.
Plan to succeed

Planning your business calendar


I think you get the point. These examples are just to jog your brain into laying out a plan. When you are a health coach or any wellnesspreneur there are so many ways to build a business that it can get confusing and overwhelming at times. It’s hard to know what to focus on first.


The Wellness Cooking Academy is not just a cooking school for that very reason. We teach how to use classes and food education to capatalize on your niche market. The classes are the perfect lead in to paying programs, if done correctly.


When you are looking at your calendar this month think about creating a rinse and repeat schedule. Maybe you teach on the same nights or days each week. This allows people to know what to expect. And as always keep it simple!


Any questions about the course or the new self study option leave a comment below and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Happy Cooking

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