Are you passionate about teaching others how to eat healthy food?

Would you like to have an easy and profitable way to reach your ideal clients and build your business?

Introducing the

Wellness Cooking Academy

Join me…As I personally guide you to creating the business of your dreams as a

Certified Wellness Cooking Academy Instructor

Beginning January 19, 2017

12 Week Certification Course

A cooking certification course that goes far beyond the popular done-for-you programs. This is more like a business-in-a-box that will give you the tools and the backing that you need to jump-start your wellness-related business.

I feel your pain when it comes to creating the business that you dream of.  I love learning, but I do not believe that more food education and recipes are going to get you any closer to your goal of building a successful coaching practice, although you get that too!

You already have the knowledge and passion that you need.  What is missing is a system with tools and an incredible team of “insiders” to get you making money.

A comprehensive program offering both the cooking as well as the business skills that you need to build your business and finally boost your client base. This is more like a business-in-a-box that will give you templates, tools, coaching and the backing that you need to jump-start your wellness related business.

Do you ever wonder what the missing piece is?

Do you find yourself giving advice all day long, yet when you look at your bank account you often wonder why the numbers are not matching your passion?

I can tell you the reason; you need a SYSTEM! No successful business functions without structure. It will be your lifeline to sanity. No more testing, experimenting and hoping things will work. This is the system to get you going on your path to building a thriving business.

This course gives you:

  • Done-for-You programs
  • Business skills and knowledge
  • Credentials through certification
  • Support

Giving you the confidence that you need to be able to reach out to your contacts and sign them up for classes. There is no overthinking. The system is here and ready for you to take charge of your business growth.

When finished you will be able to

  • Teach an organized and delicious cooking class packed with health tips, making you an instant expert.
  • Learn how to engage your participants and sign them up as a client.
  • Secure corporate clients with professional proposals and contracts
  • Present cooking class lunch and learns.
  • Teach a detox cooking class   
  • Sell your new detox program.
  • Keep an efficient and organized back office.
  • Know what to charge 
  • How much to spend on supplies
  • How to pack light and efficient for your classes and how to upsell programs and book more classes.
  • Plus…you will be getting your own book writing template to help get a cookbook done!

Did you graduate from a nutrition school or some other training and now feel like you don’t know where to start. I too had those days, then  I made the decision to succeed. I knew I wanted it but I would start going in circles… only when I got with other successful like minded people did it all start to come together for me.

You have to do this work like you are training for a sporting event. It takes discipline and the right equipment.

The first question you have to ask yourself is do you want it, really want it? If so, then ask yourself if it is a hobby or a career. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a hobby as a business but if you are trying to create a significant income then the choice clearly has to be that you want it to be a career. Let’s get to work together! For now I can be your manager until you get on your feet, have the tools and then you become the boss of your own business. 

Ready to change your career and start making money doing something you absolutely love?

Next Session begins January 19, 2017

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SAVE $185 with the Single Payment Option


What are People Saying?

I saw a huge need for helping clients and family want to be in the kitchen by making food simple and fun with the right healthy ingredients. Sherri’s ideas and the recourses in the WCA are a great boost and important step for me to make the change doable and desirable for my coaching clients and I love it!

June Nies, CHHC, AADP

This past year I graduated from a renowned health coaching program that left me inspired, excited, and knowledgeable, but also unprepared for my new career. I was filled with anxiety on where to begin and feared if I have what it takes. Thankfully, I found just what I needed in the Wellness Cooking Academy.  I was I spoon-fed every step of the way, leaving me feeling confident and fully prepared for the next steps to creating programs that will make a difference in the world and also make money. I have everything I need from step-by-step instructions on hosting successful cooking classes to flyers, pamphlets, recipe book templates, and handouts already done for me!  It is literally all at my fingertips. The support and brainstorming ideas that come from Sherri, the amazing dynamic group of guest speakers, and all my fellow classmates was invaluable. I will graduate from WCA feeling confident, prepared, and ready to rock my business! So very thankful.

Naomi B.

Cypress, Texas

My passion has always been cooking and learning to prepare Healthy Food. I had attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2015, but found myself struggling after graduation. Trying to figure out exactly which direction to take my career was overwhelming. I met Sherri and was very impressed with her coaching. I was among the fortunate ones to be in the Pilot Program for the Wellness Cooking Academy. Now, I am in the process of setting up my classes and web site with much more confidence and knowing I have a Support system in place. I did not have to do all the research on how to setup cooking classes and everything that goes with running a successful class. It was all done for me on templates. Sherri gave us an actual road map! Kudos to Sherri for such a brilliant idea.

Lyra Petrie

Brooklyn, New York

Here’s What You Get Each Week

Live virtual classroom every Thursday at 6:30 PM EST, all classes recorded

Just added! Weekly live check in Q & A and support Friday’s at 11:30 AM EST

Week 1

Welcome, Layout, Goal Setting, Getting Clear on Your Intention, What to Expect in the Course, and Creating a GPS Redline Through your Roadmap to Success. 5 Chef Tips to Teach a Successful Class and Meal plans!  Receive 2 days of Done-for-You meal plans to deliver to your clients.  Value $97

Guest instructor: Professional Chef, Pamela Roberts, coaching value $150

Week 2

Cooking tips, packing tips, shopping tips, and organizing your back office, receive Done-For-You Business Kit.  Value $67

Week 3

Legal advice, insurance information, food safety certification, types of classes and where to hold them and how much to charge.

Guest instructor: Attorney, Lisa Fraley, coaching value $297

Week 4

The number one starter class! How to drive them to your other programs (up-sell), receive Done-for-You Greens Cooking ClassValue$197

Self development quiz given.

Week 5

What do people want?  How to sell and title classes, and how to roll programs into each other. How to manage it all while taking care of yourself! Receive Done-for-You Eating on a Budget class.  Value $197

Guest instructor: Kathleen LeGrys, Health Coach Solutions

Week 6

Learning about Food as Energy, coaching skills, living food classes, receive Done-for-You The Art of Juicing class.  Value $197 

Promoting your detox and cleanse classes with a cooking class, receive Done-for-You 14 Day Cleanse, Detox and Cooking class.  Value $197

Week 7

How to do Lunch and Learns with 3 Done-for-You templates and corporate business packet which includes proposals and contracts.  Value $397

Guest instructor: Lisa Kelly, Kelly Wellness Consulting

Week 8

Teaching and working with kids classes, receive Done-for-You kids cooking class.  Value $197

Week 9

How to master and simplify the world of social media and promote your programs with free offers using a step by step system.

Guest instructor: Karen Pattock, Step into More Profits

Week 10

Strategies on how to use your books to schedule more classes, gain more talks and untap a world of golden opportunities. How to up-sell and market at cooking classes, creating your rinse and repeat system.

Chef Alethea Copelas teaching how to run a personal chef business, meal service or the like to build up your business or be your business

Week 11

A book instantly makes you viewed as more of an expert.  How to write a cookbook or motivational book to build your coaching practice.  How to get it published and sell at your classes.  Receive Done-for-You cookbook template.  Value $67

Guest instructor: Mindy J. Kaleta,, coaching $77


Week 12

Deciding which style of classes are right for you and designing your path. Choosing your lane and staying in it.

Certification exam given.


In case you do not know me, I am Sherri Mraz, owner and founder of the Cookin’ Yogi and the President and Founder of  Wellness Cooking Academy.  I am a health coach, author, mentor and have been teaching cooking classes since 2008.  I was even lucky enough to win a Best Plate Award in 2013.

I established success in the healthy cooking education field but learned how difficult it can be to build a business.  It seemed like I was always struggling with either building my client list, keeping my costs down, creating recipes, creating programs.  You name it… create, create, create… as if that was the answer.  Believe me – it is not.  You need to be working and staying focused.  I am happy to say that my mistakes were huge lessons and I have figured out how to work smarter not harder.

I love teaching cooking classes! To me it is such a fun way to spread the message that, “Healthy begins in the kitchen.” Over the years I have gotten so busy with the demand for classes that I knew I needed to find a way to train others so that we could create a brigade of healthy cooking instructors. I hope you will join me in my virtual live course. I can’t wait to get to know you and help you build your career.


Upon completion of all 12 modules and passing Certification Exam you will receive your diploma (both digital and a beautiful copy in the mail for framing) naming you as a Certified Instructor.

You will also receive a full digital image of our Seal to proudly display on your website, business cards, social media, advertising, etc.

I have a team of experts who will show you how to market, brand, shop, pack and charge. You will identify which style classes you want to teach and follow the system to build your business.

This system is designed for health coaches to build their businesses, however it is also for the health advocate who is not professionally trained.  If you love spreading the word about how… HEALTHY BEGINS IN THE KITCHEN, then this training will work for you.  It is designed to be a turn-key system.

This all inclusive system/program includes:

  • Weekly Modules for 12 Weeks
  • Weekly live virtual classroom and Q&A with Sherri
  • Self-development quizzes and certification exam
  • Guest instructors sharing tips and advice
  • Private Facebook group including live Q&A

Session begins January 19, 2017!

Program VALUE Recap

  • Combined total of Done-for-You Templates $1,516
  • Book template and publishing tips – $497
  • Weekly modules$2,400 Live
  • Q&A’s – $2,400
  • Guest instructor coaching – $524
  • Private Facebook support groupPriceless!
  • Guest instructors giveawaysPriceless!

Total Value of the Program: $6,840!

Total Cost of Program: $1897

Get out of struggle and overwhelm…
Get into the streamlined business of your dreams.

More Results

Because I work full time I haven’t had time for my nutrition and wellness business. Until now my lack of resources and tools have been my biggest weakness.

Sherri’s class and teaching style is SO ORGANIZED and helpful!! It really has given me the tools and confidence to start taking the time that I do have to spend on my business and be more productive in order to start creating an income with my passion and get my way our of the rat race of corporate!

Nicole Manion

Sherri Mraz, has helped me in many ways: Her success system gave me the ability to focus on my demonstration and move forward from where I was previously stuck.  She gave me excellent sample invitations with appealing graphics and words that build interest and excitement.  I can now book my events and present with confidence.

Consuelo Davis

The Cooking Aesthetician

I was totally amazed at how you directed me with a few questions in basically no time towards my perfect market positioning.  I had some options prepared beforehand but you led with your precise questions in a direction in which I had never thought of before and opened up a whole new perspective for me.  The result was a perfect fitting positioning with which I identify myself 100%.  Furthermore, with your attentive listening you identified and highlighted some statements from me as key statements which serve as excellent slogans.  I’m so thankful for your high-end support. You are an amazing coach!

Bernd Bissinger

Practice of Stress relief, Self-fulfilment & Joy of Life, Stuttgart, Germany, More Time For Yourself

Sherri helped me by offering her “done for you” cooking class kit with detailed coaches instructions from start to finish. The ready to use templates are attractive and professional looking. I would recommend Sherri’s programs to anyone interested in teaching cooking classes as their main business focus or as a fun and educational component to a health coaching practice. Clients and coaches can’t help but connect with each other and have a great time!

Nancy Petrucka, C.H.H.C.

Certified Holistic Health Coach

From working with you I am truly excited and encouraged, my Lord I am doing cartwheels on the inside!  I read an article yesterday where the lady said that God kept telling her to tell her story… that we need to tell our story.  Here, today, you said the same thing. Wow… I am sooooooooo excited that I stepped out to join in, not understanding why.  You are an amazing person and Coach… you are Heaven sent and I am thankful.

Lynell Foy

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Why the Wellness Cooking Academy?

Because every day I hear from health coaches who are stuck, confused or just fed up trying to build their businesses.

I just received a call from a fellow coach who is a caterer and has written a cookbook. She has been wanting to teach classes for years. She had a million questions on how to get started. “Where, how, when, how much to charge for classes for private? What do you do? demo, hands on?” She said she really needs to get started and needs more money. She is over-trained and under-working and under-earning. There is my theory again. She does not need more recipes (although you get that too), she needs tools and like minded people to support her and cheer her on (a team).

Ready to Get Started?

Register for the Winter 2017 Session!

6 easy payments of



SAVE $185 with the Single Payment Option


Look at the lineup of guest expert teachers who will be sharing tips and advice with you!

…and here is what they have to say about the program

Sherri is the go-to person to teach you how to use cooking classes to establish authority and rapport with your audience, and build your business.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience in this area is unmatched. Sherri doesn’t just teach you what to do; she also gives you all the tools and resources you need to be successful at it!

Kathleen LeGrys

Health Coach Solutions

Wellness Cooking Academy is an amazing program that gives you everything you need (and more!) to not only present dynamic cooking classes, but also how to do them efficiently and cost effectively. Sherri is a seasoned professional who shares all her wisdom so you can succeed. This course is a great value and I highly recommend it.

Alethea Copelas

Owner of Inspired Kitchen and author of Inspired Plate, Inspired Kitchen

Sherri is a master at teaching how to create truly engaging and interactive cooking classes that add additional revenue streams to your business as well as increase your visibility as an expert in your online and offline communities.

Karen Pattock

Social Media and Marketing Expert

When I heard Sherri was offering a 12-week certification program for coaches and laypeople to teach done-for-you cooking classes, I was intrigued and excited! Having certified instructors to teach families how to prepare nutritious, fast & easy meals for today’s lifestyle is genius! As a wife and mom who has always yearned for a personal chef, I would be ecstatic for a certified instructor’s cooking class! As Sherri says, “You don’t need a chef…you need a plan!”  Sherri is an author, coach and seasoned professional in the field of nutrition and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to offer this program.

Mindy J. Kaleta

Certified Professional Coach and Author, Mindy J. Design Publishing Services

The Wellness Cooking Academy is a perfect training opportunity and natural fit for those interested in offering cooking classes through corporate Lunch and Learns.  As a KWC Inc. Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador,  Sherri has both the training and working knowledge of creating customized Lunch and Learns and campaigns to meet employers’ needs and interests. By certifying through her Cooking Academy Program you will be well-positioned to deliver engaging and in-demand cooking classes to clients of all sectors.

Lisa Kelly

Bcomm, MEd, CHN, CPC, CCWS, CMWS, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc., Founder of “Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs”

Lisa Fraley, JD, is an Attorney and Legal Coach® who helps entrepreneurs stop being legally naked so they can protect themselves, their businesses, and their brands.  As a Holistic Lawyer®, she combines her 20 years of legal knowledge with her unique spiritual bent by aligning 7 key legal steps with the 7 chakras to help entrepreneurs get legally covered – with a lot of Legal Love™.

Lisa Fraley, JD

I have been a professional chef for over 30 years. I specialize in teaching culinary to new, up and coming chefs.  Nutrition and diets are areas I find fascinating. You have to take care of the inside as much as you need to care for the outside.

Pamela Roberts

Chef from PBS Network's Charlotte Cooks, Health Coach, Author and Speaker, Chef Pamela, Food Health and Hydration

Imagine an online course where you actually work as a team and brainstorm like a mastermind.

The power of collective thoughts and energy to encourage you and help you move forward. No man (woman) is an island, we are not meant to go it alone.

Have you ever bought a Done-for-You Program and gotten stuck? You thought it looked so beautiful but now wonder what the heck do I do with it?!

This is 12 weeks of coaching you through it. We give you 10 Done-for-You programs and a template to write your own cookbook! And, if you already own other programs, they work with this system too. You just plug and play and then rinse and repeat.

Get Working!
Get Confident!
Start Making Money!

Can’t wait to jump in with you!


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